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My name is Stas Poritskiy, I am experienced Python developer, manly focusing on providing automation solutions/pipeline design for CG/Tech/Game/Film industries. Each project in the past had given me a good foundation and experience that I carry over to the next one and strive to achieve an even better results. I have great understanding of CG in various software packages.

My educational experience allows me develop and teach team-members of new techniques improving overall companies output, increasing productivity and satisfying client's needs. Past several years I have been focusing on pipeline design and project troubleshooting to maximize the efficiency of available resources usage. 


  • Efficient use of rendering resources (render farm)
  • Designing project pipeline - utilizing customized interface for asset/scene maintenance
  • Development and integration of in-house tools in production
  • Optimization to achieve more efficient use of hardware without urgent need to upgrade
  • Implementing/Supporting pipeline workflow for FX related projects (Realflow, Cloth, Particles effects)
  • Troubleshooting of particular areas of a project
  • Gaining new skills, which will allow to generate new ideas and implement them into production to increase productivity





  • Appropriate technical approaches based on aesthetic, practical and budgetary parameters.
  • Research new computer graphic techniques, develop and implement them appropriately.
  • Troubleshoot problems between various disciplines: modeling and texturing, changes throughout production, animations issues, lighting and rendering problems.
  • Develop efficient, production-ready tools.
  • Help monitor render issues and optimize rendering time.
  • Maintain a high level of quality while working on multiple projects under aggressive deadlines.
  • Support production by providing assistance to other departments when necessary.
  • Study issue patterns and trends, identify common technical problems in a production, and recommend/implement new processes or workflows to address those problems.





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